"Maxdoor" might just be your door in the future

The bazilian design group nódesign has come up with a new fron door design to go along with "maxhaus" housing concept in Brazil. This new front door concept uses
a remote control instead of a key and opens automatically by touching the doorknob. Along with with the cool feature of not having to set down your groceries to enter you apartment, the "Maxdoor" also features a digital door bell, LED lock and number lighting, sound proofing, hidden peephole and a backup battery, which allows it to work for up to a week without power. The hardest part about creating new age hi tech gadgetry is keeping the average non tech savvy client up to speed. Although this front door concept is very high tech, it has a simple interface making it approachable to all users.

"Maxdoor" with remote control key opening.

The specially designed mail slot.

Back and front of the "Maxhaus" key.

"Maxdoor" displaying numbers.



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