Stay Here? Or Move Out?

Recently my girlfriend and I have had to decide if we want to stay in our crammed one bedroom apartment or upgrade and fork out more loot. It would only be for a short time, while we're waiting for our house to be finished, but we would still like to live comfortably and at the same time stash some money away. So there was definitely a lot to think about and odds to be weighed. I recently ran across this article and it helped me put things a little bit more into perspective. Maybe, just maybe, it can do the same for someone else. Who just happens to be contemplating suicide over their cluttered cave they call a home...
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via The NY Times

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Julien Vallee

Exhibition piece for the main exhibition, created for the second edition of Illustrative festival. This guy is cool shit.

Found over at Fabrik

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Mobile Phone Concepts

Grabbed from Mac Funamizu's Portfolio, these concepts of future mobile phones are pretty kick ass. I will take the tablet please. Thank You.

Over at http://www.behance.net

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"Mercedes GLK" Sema Previews

Sema is the biggest auto convention/show in the world. So some companies like to go a little above and beyond when it comes to styling, but there is a thin line between tight as fuck and rice. Here are some of those WTF styles.

Check out more over at Autoblog

The White House, Japananese Style

This Garden & Sea house is many things, but Clean & White are the most notible. Looking like something out of a cleaning commercial this japanese estate faces the sea and has deep depth, it slopes toward the sea by around 2 meters. The architects arranged the house in the center of the site. The shape of the house is like a wedge spread towards the sea. The white gravel acts as an interior space, bringing the outdoors inside.



"Pool" Table

I don't really know where I would put this exactly, but it is a pretty damn cool idea. The UK-based design firm Freshwest showed this table at Tent London, the international creative design event. Designers Freshwest successfully combine narrative and humour in their conceptual design - “Pool Table“.

“Pool Table“. “Pool Table is made from 50mm acrylic with miniature diving board, reflected and refracted light in such a way that it resembled the depth and hue of an actual swimming [pool].”


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Sherpard Fairey Interview

I have been wearing a lot of "Obey" lately, so it only seemed fitting to put this up. A well written interview from one of the most influential artists of our time (my opinion of course). READ ON



My Cuppa

These color matching guide mugs are perfect for that designer (or idiot that needs a color to determine what he/she is drinking) in your life.

Get it at Suck.uk

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Live Holographic Interface

Why is this not available yet? It's the fuckin future already, get on with it. Just imagine the possibilities...

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Whoopin' Ass and Goin' Green

For all you tree huggers out there, still wanting to dig into your roots (No pun intended), and punch your favorite muscle head in the face to regain dominance of the yard. These are for you! A clash of jewlery, nature, and I want to punch you in the face, but not to hard. Check it out, they make rings too...

Get it at Hafsteinn Juliusson

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